Oral cancer screening

Velscope® is a revolutionary technology that provides dentists and hygienists with the ability to screen the lips, mouth, and throat for the early detection of abnormal tissue, including cancerous and pre-cancerous tissue.

The Velscope® emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity, which excites the tissue.  The clinician is then able to immediately view the different fluorescence responses to help differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue.

With routine visual exams we are limited to only seeing tissue changes once they have reached and affected the surface.

It is our strong belief that in order to ensure your tissues are in a healthy state we need to move beyond what the eye can see to what the eye can not see. This technology allows us to become aware of potential tissue problems in the early stages, which in turn would lead to earlier treatment and a more positive outcome. Velscope® screening is available for a nominal fee.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer generally has a poor prognosis, most likely because early diagnosis is difficult, and problems are usually picked up in the disease’s later stages.  With the use of Velscope the detection process can now start much earlier.


  • One person dies from oral cancer every hour in North America.
  • 31000 cases are diagnosed in North America every year. There are 9700 cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in North America every year.
  • Oral cancer is the 6th most serious form of cancer.
  • The mortality rate of oral cancer is twice that of cervical cancer.
  • There has been a 60% increase in incidence in under 40’s in the last 3 decades.
  • 25% of cases don’t fit the recognised profile of over 40’s, smoking and alcohol
  • Oral cancer is 90% curable if caught in the early stages

Velscope is now recognised worldwide as a major advance in the detection of oral cancer.

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