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Cosmetic Dentistry and Seniors

cosmetic dentistry

As people age, there are a number of smile issues that present themselves. Teeth may start to wear, chip, crack, discolour, stain, experience sensitivity, or have to be removed. However, the simple fact you’re a senior now definitely does not mean your smile is permanently doomed to a life of damage, stains, or missing teeth. […]

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Children Brushing for Fun; Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

childrens dentistry in nanaimo

We know persuading kids to brush their teeth and do it properly is tough. However, were you aware there’s a program to make brushing more fun? An Effort Rewarded system that will motivate your kids to brush their teeth efficiently. Getting your kids to brush for 2-minutes twice every day can save them from severe […]

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The Best and Caring Family Dentistry In Nanaimo B.C

best dentist in nanaimo

You might think that finding a dental professional in the Nanaimo B.C area is like finding a pleasant park for a picnic; plenty to choose from and all as good as the next. You, however, know that your oral health, and that of your family, is no picnic. You want to provide the most attentive […]

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