About Us

On entering the doors of Wellington Dental Clinic, you will find a warm, friendly, patient centered and wheelchair friendly office that puts you in charge. Our number one goal is to create a smile you are proud of.

Our caring staff will listen, learn and develop a plan tailored to suit your dental needs and desires. Our compassionate, professional, highly skilled doctors, hygienists, and assistants will utilize the latest technology combined with a personalized approach to help you reach your oral health goals.

Office Software

Our in office software provides us with a permanent record and a method of tracking your treatment plan. This allows our experienced team to create a plan tailored to suit your dental needs.

Intra-Oral Camera

At Wellington Dental a checkup and consultation is no ordinary, everyday event. Every patient is given a tour of their dental exam which allows them greater insight in making the right choice for their treatment. Our intra oral camera is always at your service as just one more tool on your path to lifelong quality dental health.

Infection Control

At Wellington Dental we perform the strictest controls for sterilization of instruments and hand pieces. Our digital sterilizers allow a very efficient sterilization technique. We wear masks, gloves, and provide protective eye wear for our patients. Our office utilizes a distilled water system for all procedures.

Cavity Diagnosis

Our office uses a diagnodent for laser cavity detection. This allows us to treat your cavities while they are small thus conserving tooth structure and expense.